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Full-auto dough Sheeter



Power (kw) 

Outer Dim (mm)

Weight (kg)  

Belt Width (mm)

Belt size(mm)

Full Automatic dough Sheeter









1.Haidier automatic dough sheeter can store 10 single or multiple programs.In a composite application, can be designed as high as 18 consecutive steps.Example: when forming direct input to the noodle press production, because of the toughness and the dough temperature may change every day, and given these factors, the initial distance between rollers, roller spacing, roller finally lower degree, and the width of the control, can at any time convenient to adjust
2. Through the keyboard control panel, can give 10 program named respectively.
3. Through the lower level of automatic control of rollers and can maintain a lower level, truly able to 1.0 mm the thinnest my meager sensibilities, and the thickness of the same.
4. In the process of operation, all information are shown on the control panel, it can timely reminder to the operator
5. 220-380 - v,  third ph
6. The material of stainless steel, CE and ISO9001 ,electronic accessories schneider,imported from France